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Dr. Shree C Rao


Dr. Shree Cuddapah Rao is a highly accomplished Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) surgeon with a deep domain experience of 10+ years in medical and surgical ENT. Her expertise in Otology and Cochlear implant surgeries has earned her the reputation of being an award-winning ENT specialist and the best pediatric ENT specialist in Hyderabad. As the Head of the Cochlear Implant team at Dr. Rao’s ENT, the leading ENT superspecialty hospital in Hyderabad, Dr. Shree Rao is committed to providing patient-first, empathetic care and achieving positive outcomes. She is highly regarded by careseekers and their families for her skillful surgeries and compassionate approach. Dr. Shree Rao is reachable at Dr. Rao’s ENT Hospital at KPHB Colony, Kukatpally.

Non-surgical Expertise

Surgical Expertise

Glue Ear & Grommets

Hole in the Ear Drum

Tympanoplasty & Mastoidectomy can help repair ruptured eardrums and remove diseased mastoid cells.

Hearing Issues

Hearing Loss

How Stapedectomy & Ossiculoplaty procedures can solve this life-impacting problem in kids and adults.


Pre-auricular Pits & Sinuses

Generally harmless, Preauricular Pits require medical or surgical intervention if infection sets in.

Thyroid Surgery

Thyroid Surgery

Thyroidectomy procedure helps treat disorders such as thyroid cancer, goiter and hyperthyroidism.

Other Ear Issues

Ear Lobule Tear

Sagging earlobes undermining your self-confidence? Earlobe repair surgery can make you feel good again!


Tonsils in Adults

Is treatment enough, or is Tonsillectomy required? Find answers to all your tonsil-related questions.

Glue Ear & Grommets

Vertigo or Dizziness

Finding it difficult to maintain your balance? It could be signalling an inner ear or brain issue!

Glue Ear & Grommets


Experiencing unexplained sounds in the ears? Then something must be wrong with your auditory system.

Glue Ear & Grommets


Having pain and stiffness in the lower jaw and surrounding areas? Learn how to manage and overcome it.


Winner of Times Health Excellence
Award for ‘Service Excellence in
Paediatric Ear & Cochlear Implant Surgery’

1st rank in Telangana State in ENT post-graduation studies

Performed 30 free ear surgeries on
one day aboard the Lifeline Express,
India’s only & world’s first hospital train

Winner of APJ Abdul kalam health &
medical excellence award


Years Experience


Surgeries Performed


Happy Patients

3000 +

smiles & counting

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Hear about Karthikeya's journey to hearing with Cochlear Implants

Karthikeya contracted jaundice on birth and was diagnosed with congenital hearing loss in both ears. His parents were hopeful that hearing will be restored naturally in few months but to no vain. Karthikeya’s parents were very dejected when reality of the situation dawned upon them. Upon consulting, EarSurgeon, Dr. Shree Rao, cochlear implant surgery was recommended…

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Sahasra faced hearing difficulties from a young age. Her parents, determined to help her, sought the expertise of Dr. Shree Rao in Hyderabad. Under her care, Sahasra underwent surgery for glue ear and tonsillectomy, followed by a cochlear implant in both ears. With the most advanced technology, Sahasra now communicates like any other child, emphasizing the importance of early intervention for hearing challenges.


Suresh Pusuluri

We are very glad to share this experience, we came to Dr. rao's ENT hospital along with my kid who is 3 years old, kept some kind of foreign body in nose. in Rao's ENT hospital consulted with Dr. Shree madam, she is very nice doctor, in this hospital they have advanced equipments. Thanks to Shree madam.


Thank you Dr.Shree, very good treatment and hospital also very hygiene in this covid situation. My child had foreign boby issue and we consultant Dr. Shree she did a great job in this we are happy for her treatment. Thank you Dr. Shree

Hyma Gadde

Dear Dr.Shree Cuddapah Madam. Thank you for your good care and concern. I very much appreciate everything that you have done for me. You speak with such a gentle voice that put me at ease and helped me to gain confidence. You are a good listener and treat us with respect. You are truly a remakable doctor. I am very much blessed to have you as my doctor. Thank you.

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