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What are Tonsils?

Tonsils are two oval pea-sized clusters made of lymphatic cells. They are situated in the oropharynx region, one on either side at the back of the tongue and at the opening of the throat. Tonsils are of larger size in childhood and shrink gradually with age. Efficient producers of white blood cells and antibodies, they also are a natural filter for bacteria and viruses that enter through the oral cavity.
They effectively trap any bacteria or viruses that enter our body from the food we eat and the air
we inhale through the nose. According to the American Academy of Otolaryngology, Tonsils are
the ‘first line of defense as part of the immune system.’


In the early years of life, tonsils have the tendency to flare up and get infected leading to throat pain and difficulty in swallowing. It is very commonly observed in children aged two and above. This is called Tonsillitis and can be treated with home remedies such as salt water gargling, drinking fluids, and over the counter lozenges. Bacterial Tonsillitis such as Strep Throat definitely needs to be treated by an ENT Specialist as it can lead to major complications if not addressed in time and correctly. When Tonsillitis or Strep throat persist despite medication and treatment, and when the episodes repeat often, Tonsillectomy – surgery to remove the tonsils – may become the last resort for permanent cure. 

“The decision to carry out Tonsillectomy must be taken after a balanced assessment of risk and benefit”, says Dr. Shree Rao, ENT Specialist
at Dr. Rao’s ENT, a multi-superspecialty dedicated ENT hospital in Hyderabad.


Though Tonsillitis and the need for Tonsillectomy is more commonly seen in children and teenagers than in adults, people of any age can develop issues with their tonsils and require surgery.

Dr. Shree Rao, the best doctor for Tonsils treatment in Hyderabad, says that she recommends Tonsillectomy surgery only in instances where the propensity for health complications is very high.


The number one reason for most tonsil surgeries being done is due to tonsils swelling to a size that obstructs the airway making it difficult to breathe, particularly while sleeping. This leads to what is called Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Over time, this will lead to chronic sleeplessness that affects regular activities during the day. In extreme cases, it can lead to heart problems in if not addressed immediately. 


The second most common reason for Tonsillectomy or tonsil surgery is infection or Tonsillitis. If the patient presents with severe tonsillitis at least seven times in a year, followed by more than five infections in the next two years or three infections in three years, Tonsillectomy may be recommended. 

Dr. Shree Rao, renowned Tonsils Specialist in Hyderabad insists on discussing openly with parents as to whether or not a child requires tonsil surgery, what can be expected before, during and after tonsil surgery and other concerns.


Dr. Shree Rao advises parents not to neglect the following signs and symptoms in children: 

  • Complaints of sore throat or pain in the throat, and the usage of antibiotics for strep throat or ear infections
    going up to about 3 episodes in a year or 5 episodes in 2 consecutive years.
  • Disinterest or inability to go to school due to pain and difficulty in talking or swallow
  • Restless sleep pattern, snoring, sleep apnea
  • Mouth odour that is noticeable and stuffy/clogged nose
  • Bleeding/cancer in tonsils which is a rare occurrence

Dr. Shree Rao, ENT Specialist strongly believes that the ideal age of surgery in children is over three years of age as the risk of dehydration
can be higher in children aged less than three years.

A Tonsil surgery is a procedure in which the tonsils, the fleshy pads located at each side of the back of the throat, are either completely or partially removed. The surgery is also known as Tonsillectomy and is most commonly done in kids and teens.

Surgeons use either of these two different techniques during Tonsil surgery: 

  • Coblation tonsillectomy – This technique involves the usage of a coblator wand to remove the tonsils. It is an absolutely bloodless procedure and is very safe even for kids. 
  • Radiofrequency or Laser energy: This technique involves the use of radiofrequency or laser energy, both of which emit a lot of heat. The heat produced is used to seal the wound soon after the surgery is done.
  • Conventional method or Use of Scissors: Commonly known as dissection, this method uses scissors as a surgical instrument to remove the tonsil(s). The only problem with this method is that there will be a significant amount of blood loss during the procedure.

Dr. Shree Rao patiently guides parents as to what medications should be stopped (if the child is taking any) a week or a few days before the tonsil surgery. Like in any surgical procedure, It is important that the stomach remains empty on the day of the surgery, Dr. Shree Rao also advises parents on how to guide and prepare the child emotionally for the operation.

Tonsillectomy is done under general anaesthesia to ensure that the child is asleep, feels no pain or discomfort and does not move during the surgery. The surgery is generally done through the mouth without any cuts being made in the skin. The duration of the surgery is about
30 minutes, but can be slightly longer in certain cases where it is combined with other surgical procedures like Adenoidectomy or Myringotomy Grommet procedures.

The child can go home once the effect of the anesthesia wears off, or parents can opt for an overnight stay to be on the safer side.
Based on the method and type of tonsil surgery, the overall recovery may take a week t
0 10 days. Do expect the child to complain of
slight discomfort/pain while eating and swallowing during the recovery period.

Post-surgery, when drinking and swallowing/eating becomes difficult, it is very normal for your child to complain of throat pain. However, it is during these difficult times that your child needs to stay hydrated as it can fasten the healing process. Against this backdrop, Dr. Shree Rao, Hyderabad’s preferred Tonsils specialist, shares the following do's and don'ts for parents to follow post-surgery.

  • If painkillers have been recommend, make sure the child takes them at the prescribed intervals
  • Do set a reminder on your phone alarm to make sure your child gets a few sips of fluids like water or fruit juices every hour
  • There is no food restriction. Your child can have all kinds of foods, including ice creams, their favourite food items 
  • It is better to avoid any type of heavy physical activity, for 1 week post-surgery
  • It is better for the child to avoid school for up to 1 week after the surgery
  • A followup visit with the doctor is a must before the child resumes school

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