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With a commitment to providing comprehensive and effective tinnitus treatment solutions, Dr. Shree Rao is a trusted expert in helping patients find relief from ringing, buzzing, and other noises in the ears. With her years of experience and compassionate approach, Dr. Shree Rao has helped numerous patients regain their peace of mind and improve their quality of life. Whether you’re seeking evaluation, diagnosis, or treatment for yourself or a loved one, you’re in capable hands with Dr. Shree C Rao. Take the first step towards conquering tinnitus and embracing a life without constant noise.

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Tinnitus, also known as ‘ringing in the ears,’ is a sign or symptom that something is not right with the auditory system which includes the ear, the auditory nerve that connects the inner ear to the brain, and the parts of the brain that process sound. The sound in the ears may manifest not just as ringing – though it is the most common description – but also as roaring, clicking, hissing, or even buzzing. The sound may at times seem soft and at other times, loud. The pitch may also alternate between high and low. One might hear it in just one ear, or in both. Any which way it appears, Tinnitus is not generated by external factors, and no one else but you can hear it.

If you or any of your family members or friends are experiencing any of the above, a specialized and experienced Ear Surgeon like
Dr. Shree Rao can help you make an informed decision about the best treatment option.


Tinnitus, or the perception of ringing, buzzing, or other noises in the ears, can have various causes. From underlying health conditions to everyday factors, tinnitus can arise from a variety of sources. Understanding the potential causes of tinnitus is crucial in identifying and managing this common condition that affects millions of people worldwide. In this article, we will explore the different factors that can contribute to tinnitus and shed light on the complex nature of this condition.


Though it is not a serious problem, unattended and prolonged Tinnitus has been seen to lead to:

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Though there is no absolute cure for Tinnitus, there are treatments that help patients cope better with the condition. On meeting ENT specialist Dr. Shree Rao, she will evaluate the patient to see if there is any hearing loss associated with the condition. A thorough Ear, Nose and Throat examination will be done and if required, a couple of audiological investigations and scans will be done to find out the underlying cause for Tinnitus. The treatment course to reduce the impact of Tinnitus will be determined based on this evaluation.

Treating the underlying cause for Tinnitus can often control it,
but there are times when it cannot be permanently cured. In these cases, Dr. Shree Rao will focus on providing supportive care.


About Dr. Shree Cuddapah Rao

Consult Dr. Shree Rao - Best Tinnitus Specialist in India

Dr. Shree Cuddapah Rao is acclaimed as one of the best ENT specialists in Hyderabad. With 10+ years of deep domain experience in the field of ENT, she is the director at Dr. Rao’s ENT Super Specialty International Hospital.

Dr.Shree Rao underwent specialized training in Rhinoplasty / Facial Plastic surgery at Singapore General Hospital, Singapore. She also underwent advanced training in cochlear implant surgery under Padmashri Dr. Milind V Kirtane and has a Fellowship in cochlear implant. Having performed over 200 successful cochlear implants for patients from all over the world, Dr. Shree Cuddapah Rao is also the recipient of several prestigious accolades in the domain of ENT and considered as the best Cochlear Implant Surgeon in India.

Patient Testimonials

Lokanath Nayak
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In today’s medicine fraternity, trust, expertise, and technology matters. Dr Rao’s ENT super speciality international hospital, Hyderabad, is a befitting example. Dr Shree is an amazing and an excellent surgeon. She did my daughter’s cochlear implant surgery. She is approachable, very caring and understanding. It is rare to find a surgeon who speaks highly of her patient and takes personal care of the patient. The Hospital team is very cooperative and supportive, with a touch of a smile. I sincerely thank Shri Shrinivas, the team of doctors and the supporting staff. The hospital’s professionalism is true to its vision and mission statement.
Ajay Maga
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My friend has been suffering from ear problems for many years and took treatment for his ear problems in various hospitals in Chennai, Delhi, Guwahati, U.P. and Arunachal Pradesh. Even after treatment for long years and in various hospitals, his partial heart loss of the left ear never improved or regained. Finally, Dr. From our native state, I.e Arunachal, suggested my friend to go for cochlear implantation and referred me to Dr. Rao ENT international Hospital Kukatpally, Hyderabad. By the Grace of God and Dr Shree Mam’s blessing, the operation was successful. The medical staff behaved in good manners even though we were facing a bit of a problem in conversation as their native language is Telugu. Besides the linguistic problem in a conversation with a few staff members, everything is perfect. Anyone Suffering from the same ear problems can consult this hospital without any doubt. Lastly, thank you, Dr. Shree man and other hospital staff for your great hospitality. We will never forget your kindness
Vasanthi Godi
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My younger brother underwent Cochlear implant surgery on one side by Dr. Shree Rao mam a few years back. After a few years, we visited for 2nd ear cochlear implant surgery. Surgery is successful, and my brother is also ready to wear his implant on the other side. Thanks to Dr. Shree Rao mam, for taking good care of my brother. Special thanks to Dr Shree Rao mam🙏 and the entire staff at Dr. Rao’s ENT Hospital, Hyderabad.
Srilatha Podisetty
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My 4 year old son underwent cochlear implant surgery with Dr. Shree Rao. Cochlear implant surgery is successful, and my son is very happy without complications. I am pleased with Dr. Shree Rao in Dr. Rao’s ENT hospital. I have seen several small kids who underwent cochlear implant surgeries like my son. I am very confident that my son will do excellent. Thanks to Dr. Shree Rao for my son’s surgery and Dr. Rao’s ENT team.
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Dr.Shree & Rao's ENT Hospital is known for providing quality and best in class ENT treatment in Hyderabad, India. They use advanced technology and equipment for diagnosis and treatment, such as endoscopic procedures, micro ear surgeries, and cochlear implant surgeries. My mother got treated by Dr Shree Rao, we are very happy with high-quality ENT treatment. Keep it up Rao's ENT Hospital