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Tongue Tie Solutions: Empowering Speech and Oral Function with EarSurgeon, Dr. Shree Rao

Experience specialized care for Tongue Tie at EarSurgeon with Dr. Shree C Rao, a leading ENT specialist in Hyderabad. Tongue Tie, medically known as Ankyloglossia, can affect speech and oral function. Dr. Rao’s expertise and compassionate approach offer effective solutions for individuals of all ages. Discover the causes, symptoms, and advanced treatment options available to address Tongue Tie. Regain optimal oral function and enhance speech development with Dr. Shree Rao’s expert care. Book your consultation today and take the first step towards improved oral health and communication.

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What is Tongue Tie?

Tongue tie – also known as Ankyloglossia – is a congenital condition, meaning it is present at birth. In Tongue tie, the baby’s tongue is attached (or tied) to the floor of the mouth or to the lips. This restricts the range of motion of the tongue severely. The condition develops in the womb as a result of a gene mutation that has been passed on.

Normally, the tongue is attached to the floor of the mouth by a small band of tissue called the frenulum that extends from the floor of the mouth to the bottom of the tongue. ENT specialist, Dr. Shree Rao explains that babies born with Tongue tie have a very short or thick frenulum because of which the tongue cannot move freely.

What are the symptoms of tongue tie?

  • Difficulty in latching to the breast during feeding
  • Difficulty in lifting the tongue to the upper teeth
  • Difficulty in moving the tongue from side to side
  • Trouble sticking out the tongue past the lower front teeth
  • Tendency to place food in the cheek rather than using the tongue
  • Challenges with oral activities such as licking an ice cream cone or licking the lips
  • Difficulty in speaking certain words which require the tip of the tongue to be touching the roof of the mouth or palate – like th, na, t, da, d

What are the symptoms of tongue tie?

Usually, the first stop of parents who observe any of the above signs and symptoms would be the child’s pediatrician or a family doctor. On observing the problem, the doctor would ideally suggest a visit to a speech therapist or an ENT specialist. On consultation, an ENT surgeon like Dr. Shree Rao will first examine the child thoroughly, and then advise parents on the next course of action.

Ear Surgeon Dr. Shree Rao has successfully handled several Tongue tie cases in her decade long ENT practice at Dr. Rao’s ENT Superspeciality Hospital in KPHB, Hyderabad where she treats infants, children, adults and seniors for their ear, nose and throat issues.

Tongue tie needs surgical treatment. This low-risk procedure called Frenulectomy or Tongue release can be performed in different ways.
Dr. Shree Rao, Ear Surgeon, is adept at all types of Tongue tie surgeries.

  • Traditional technique: Snipping the frenum using a scalpel, surgical scissors, or a cauterizing instrument – a few stitches may be required to close the incision
  • Electrocautery: Using heat from an electric current to destroy the abnormal tissue
  • Radiofrequency probe: Employing radiofrequency to release the Tongue tie
  • Laser excision: Releasing the fibrous band attachment with the use of a laser; Laser Frenulectomy is highly advantageous as it does not need stitches, minimises the risk of infection and blood loss, and the baby can go home the same day 

Dr. Shree Rao explains that the care regimen after a Frenulectomy is fairly simple. The procedure site has to be kept clean. Food may need to be limited for a few days as trapped food particles could cause infection at the operation site. 

The ENT surgeon may prescribe oral antibiotics as a precaution for preventing infections or complications. Dr. Shree Rao says that the Tongue tie surgery site will heal in one or two days and patients can resume all normal activities after a week.

Dr. Shree Rao clarifies that the tongue is an important organ of the body as it performs various functions – chewing, swallowing, tasting, and talking. Therefore, if left untreated, Tongue tie can have serious effects on the health, growth and overall development of the child, which could manifest as:

  • Difficulty in chewing: Tongue tie patients have problems with jaw joints that makes eating difficult
  • Difficulty in speaking: Those with Tongue tie find it difficult to enunciate certain words resulting in speech defects, lisping and loss of confidence
  • Altered appearance:  Tongue tie can also lead to flattened cheekbones, retruded jaw and crooked teeth

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About Dr. Shree Cuddapah Rao

Dr. Shree Cuddapah Rao is acclaimed as one of the Best Facial Palsy Doctor in Hyderabad. With 10+ years of deep domain experience in the field of ENT, she is the director at Dr. Rao’s ENT Super Specialty International Hospital.

Dr.Shree Rao underwent specialized training in Rhinoplasty / Facial Plastic surgery at Singapore General Hospital, Singapore. She also underwent advanced training in cochlear implant surgery under Padmashri Dr. Milind V Kirtane and has a Fellowship in cochlear implant. Having performed over 200 successful cochlear implants for patients from all over the world, Dr. Shree Cuddapah Rao is also the recipient of several prestigious accolades in the domain of ENT and considered as the best Cochlear Implant Surgeon in India.

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Thank you Dr.Shree, very good treatment and hospital also very hygiene in this covid situation. My child had foreign boby issue and we consultant Dr. Shree she did a great job in this we are happy for her treatment. Thank you Dr. Shree

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