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Dr. Shree Rao, an ENT (Ear-Nose-Throat) surgeon, is a superspecialist microsurgeon in Otology and Tonsillitis. With 10 years of deep domain experience in medical and surgical ENT, she is quite fittingly the Head of the Cochlear Implant team at Dr. Rao’s ENT, Hyderabad’s leading ENT super specialty hospital. Her emphasis on patient-first, positive outcomes and empathetic approach endear Dr. Shree Rao to both care seekers and their families. Get the best treatment for myringotomy grommet surgery in Hyderabad from Ear Surgeon.

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What is myringotomy?

Myringotomy is a simple surgical procedure to drain the fluid accumulated in the middle ear. ENT doctors advise myringotomy grommet surgery if you are having recurring ear infections, earache or any other hearing problems.

Myringotomy is a simple surgical procedure done under general anaesthesia. Doctors rely on diagnostic tests like blood tests, tympanogram, and hearing tests for better treatment. The surgical procedure starts with a tiny incision on the eardrum to drain the fluid in the middle ear. A small tube or grommet called a myringotomy tube or tympanostomy tube is inserted. The tube will drain the remaining fluid and balance the pressure in the middle and inner ear. Grommets vary in different sizes and are used for several years. Surgery does not require sutures, stitches, or any outside cuts.

LAM, or Laser-Assisted Myringotomy, is a cutting-edge, less intrusive method for treating myringotomy. In this method, a laser incision is made to drain the fluid. This procedure is very convenient for performing surgery in an outpatient method using local anaesthesia. The remaining procedure is similar to the normal method, but this method takes lesser time to heal than the traditional method.

Dr. Shree Rao, renowned ENT Specialist in Hyderabad. She is one of the best doctors in Hyderabad for providing extensive treatment for all Ear problems. She discusses openly with patients and has an empathetic approach. Consult and get treatment for myringotomy grommet surgery in Hyderabad from renowned Ear Surgeon.

Dr. Shree C Rao


Dr. Shree Cuddapah Rao is a highly accomplished Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) surgeon with a deep domain experience of 10+ years in medical and surgical ENT. Her expertise in Otology and Cochlear implant surgeries has earned her the reputation of being an award-winning ENT specialist and the best pediatric ENT specialist in Hyderabad. As the Head of the Cochlear Implant team at Dr. Rao’s ENT, the leading ENT superspecialty hospital in Hyderabad, Dr. Shree Rao is committed to providing patient-first, empathetic care and achieving positive outcomes. She is highly regarded by careseekers and their families for her skillful surgeries and compassionate approach.

Myringotomy Surgery FAQs

Myringotomy surgery is needed if you or your child is suffering from any of the following conditions -

  • Acute otitis media
  • Ear bleeding to trauma
  • Muffled hearing
  • Ruptured eardrum
  • Speech delay
  • Balance problems

No, myringotomy surgery will not cause tinnitus. Tinnitus or ringing in the ears is caused by infections in the middle ear, trauma, brain injuries, etc. Dr.Shree rao performs Myringotomy grommet surgery with utmost care and precisely. Consut and get myringotomy grommet surgery in Hyderabad.

Before the myringotomy surgery, general anaesthesia is given, and you will not feel pain during the surgery. If the pain persists, doctors suggest painkillers and antihistamines to relieve the pain.

After the surgery, you will notice an immediate difference in hearing as the fluid blocking the sound waves is cleared. The pressure difference between the middle and inner ear is maintained after the surgery, thereby improving hearing.

Delaying myringotomy grommet surgery could result in the following complications -

  • hardening of the eardrum
  • otitis media
  • infection in the eustachian tube
  • eardrum rupture and hearing loss

Dr.Shree Rao use advanced techniques and methods while performing the surgery, which minimises the post-operative risks. Consult now, and get Myringotomy grommet surgery in Hyderabad.

Myringotomy has the following benefits -

  • Reduces ear infections
  • Restores hearing
  • Relieves ear pain
  • Improves balance and maintains ear pressure
  • Speech and language will improve in children

Tympanoplasty and myringotomy are performed in patients suffering from eardrum rupture and fluid in the middle ear. Depending on the condition of the ear, Dr.Shree Rao might recommend both tympanoplasty and myringotomy simultaneously to avoid multiple surgeries and provide better outcomes.

Patient Testimonials

Shwetha sharma
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I strongly recommend Dr. Shree Rao, as she is a very good doctor and a nice human being. The staff are very polite, cooperative and helpful. I got my ear surgery for Otosclerosis here, and the whole process was smooth.
Nenavath tukaram
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Dr Shree Rao, madam, has done ear surgery on my mother. She has been suffering for 20 years, and now she is feeling well and able to hear. Now we are very happy with the process and madam's explanation. She is so humble and polite and helps the patient in every manner. All staff are friendly and helpful. We thank Dr Shree Rao, mam for all their support.
Harish Yadav
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My mother suffered with two ears. At last, she got surgery. Dr Shree Rao madam, has done the surgery for my mother. After the surgery, when I received my mother's feedback, she felt very happy with the surgery and the way Dr Shree mam treated her. Really I am so thankful to Dr Shree mam for giving me such wonderful treatment. And the surgery finished successfully. I have no words to express my happiness regarding Dr Shree Rao, mam. She has shown wonderful concern towards my mother and me. Thank you so much Dr Shree Rao mam, for your wonderful treatment. 🙏

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Dr. Shree C Rao can be consulted on all days except Wednesday, subject to appointment availability. For checking availability, reach out to us over WhatsApp by clicking here or Enquiry form here.

Yes, one can opt for online consultation while getting an appointment.

Yes, International patients can consult Dr. Shree Rao virtually.