Let your child have the best ear piercing experience possible. We will ensure your child does not shed a tear!

Entrust your child's ear piercing to the EarSurgeon.

While we all look forward to our little ones adorning beautiful ear rings, it is extremely important that ear piercing is performed by a specialist with proper instruments. Usage of improper instruments that are not sterilized or by someone who is not trained to perform the same can result in infections to our loved ones.

Dr. Shree Rao perform ear piercing with the right sterile instruments and is performed by our team of ENT specialists ensuring a painless and safe ear piercing experience. The best way to get your child’s ear pierced is by approaching an ENT specialist like Dr Shree C Rao, who will conduct an assessment for potential infections, scars, etc.

Our specialist will also recommend post piercing care to ensure complete healing and lasting joy!

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Did you know that Ear piercing is not just for enhancing our looks,
but has its origins in science? Ear piercing at an early age is linked to better brain development as the meridian point that connects the
right hemisphere of the brain to the left one, is in the ear lobes. Piercing this point helps activate these parts of the brain.

Pain or discomfort during and after ear piercing is a very subjective experience and varies from person to person. It is also highly dependent on the type of ear piercing method used, and of course,
the person doing it. Though most salons offer the service nowadays, there is nothing better than approaching an ENT specialist or
Ear surgeon for a more professional and safe experience.

Also, post-piercing care and followup is something you would get only from a practicing ENT doctor.

Dr. Shree Rao, Ear Surgeon who handles even the most complicated of ear surgeries says she derives a lot of happiness when parents from even outside Hyderabad, where she practices, seek her out and travel long distances to get their children’s ears pierced.
She puts this down to an absolutely empathetic, skillful, totally safe and professional approach.


A micro Ear Surgeon like Dr. Shree Rao would have years of experience in handling not only the smallest of areas of the human body, but also the youngest of age groups.

Apart from precision born of years of surgical practice, a doctor would apply a topical numbing cream about 30 to 40 minutes before the piercing to help numb the pain receptors in the ear lobes. Dr. Shree Rao’s calming talk and friendly approach is an added bonus, especially in babies and children, to reduce anxiety.

Also, a professional doctor would follow safety protocols by default. Gloved hands, cleaning of earlobes with alcohol pads, individual sterile ear piercer are all a given when you entrust your child with a surgeon like Dr. Shree Rao.

What’s more, by using a hand-pressured instrument and sterile, pre-sealed hypoallergenic piercing earrings, Dr. Shree Rao assures a safe and gentle ear piercing every time.


Any age after 4 months is ideal for ear piercing, says Dr. Shree Rao, Ear Surgeon. This is to ensure that the baby has recovered from any fever or rash after the DPT vaccination which is usually scheduled at 14 weeks of age.

By using completely inert and sterile materials for ear piercing – unlike the ones that are used in salons which are merely gold plated – Dr. Shree Rao leaves no room for any kind of infection to set in.

Yes, the earrings available at Dr. Shree Rao’s hospital are completely safe. The piercing earrings are fully hypoallergenic i.e. there is absolutely no nickel content in them, which significantly reduces the risk of allergic reactions. They are completely inert and made of surgical grade material. In addition, all piercing earrings are sterilized and stored in capsules. They are opened then and there in front of the parents.

Ear piercing done by Dr. Shree Rao is quick and very gentle. In fact, Dr. Shree Rao is sought out for her painless ear piercing technique which has benefited hundreds of kids. So gentle and calming is her approach that kids have slept through the process undisturbed. Most adults who have got ear piercing done by Dr. Shree Rao have reported feeling little to no discomfort during the process.

Dr. Shree Rao advises parents to avoid infection by always keeping the earrings clean. However, the earrings used being of completely inert material, the chances of infection and the amount of post piercing care will be very minimal. 

To ensure proper healing, it is important to follow these easy steps:

  • Step 1: Prep - Always wash hands prior to touching the freshly pierced ears
  • Step 2: Cleanse - Cleanse the piercing twice daily, especially after shampooing, swimming etc. 
  • Step 3: Apply ointment - Use clean hands to apply ointment to the back of the earring; and gently push the earring forward and back
  • Step 4: Rotate
 - Rotate the earring clockwise and anticlockwise twice daily to prevent it from adhering to the ear 
  • Step 5: Check 
- With clean hands, do a quick daily check to ensure that the earrings’ backs are securely in place

DO NOT remove earrings before the specified time:
Keep earrings in for 4-6 weeks 

Piercing earrings should be left in for at least 4-6 weeks after an earlobe piercing.

In the initial three days, the piercing site may feel tender to the touch and mild bruising or swelling can be there. These are not signs of an infection or allergic reaction. So children, parents and adults should stay calm, and not panic, says Dr. Shree Rao, Ear Surgeon. 

However, if the parent observes pain, itching, redness or tenderness, swelling, or drainage, it is better to contact the doctor at once.

The earrings that are used are completely inert. So the chances of infection and the amount of post piercing care will be very minimal.
The child can get back to all activities such as attending school, swimming, playing, yoga, running etc. without any restrictions. 

Yes, ear piercing is done on adults too, most of who approach Dr. Shree Rao, Ear Surgeon for the second ear piercing. She also handles
ear lobule tear repairs, post which she handles their ear piercing safely and aesthetically. 


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